Vident Financial

A systematic & rules-based investment process

Applying timeless wisdom & established principles

A distinct philosophy & rigorous global research

Strategic Relationships

Vident Financial has formed strategic relationships with some of the most experienced and forward-thinking industry leaders.

Bowyer Research
Economic and Principles-based Research
Citigroup Index LLC
Index Calculation Agent for the Vident Core U.S. Bond Strategy Index
Exchange Traded Concepts (ETC)
Investment Advisor
Morgan Lewis
Trust Counsel
Overture Financial
Management Consultants
Provider of optimized Separately (or Unified) Managed Accounts (SMA/UMA)
Quasar Distributors
Fund Distributor
Index Calculation Agent for Vident International Equity and Vident Core U.S. Equity
US Bancorp Fund Services
Index Receipt Agent
Vident Investment Advisory
Fund Sub-Advisor

*An investor may not invest directly in an index such as VIEQX. In addition, emerging markets investments may expose investors to risks not typically associated with similar investments in more developed markets. The classification of a country as an "emerging market" is generally based on the relative economic, political and social development and is by necessity subjective.