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As the owner of Vident Financial, the Vident Investors' Oversight Trust believes that human productivity is the source of growth and wealth creation. Vident Financial is proud to encourage human productivity at a grassroots level by supporting Hanna’s Home, an orphanage in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia dedicated to loving kids from childhood through university graduation.

Vident Financial’s support is partly accredited to its production of an Ethiopian blended roast, Hanna’s Blend. Vident Financial owns and distributes Hanna’s Blend, sending a portion of the proceeds to support Hanna’s Home.

Story of Hanna's Home

Hanna’s Home is a unique orphanage in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It started with the compassion of Hanna, a radiantly joyful woman who opened her home up to street children and began caring for them. Since then she has recruited other house-moms and together they have taken in over 330 orphans in Ethiopia. They provide food, shelter, education, love and a safe place to play and gather in community.

What makes Hanna’s Home different than so many “orphanage” concepts is the hub-and-spoke model in which it operates. They have a central compound that serves as a safe haven for all the kids to play, and learn computers, sewing, and other vocational skills. The children live in individual homes, within walking distance of the compound. Each home holds 8 to 10 children with a house-mom or house-parents providing shelter, food, and love. All the children then attend local schools, which are within walking distance from their house and the central compound.

If you would like to place an order for Hanna's Blend, please click here to order online or call Aroma Ridge at 770-421-9600 and ask to speak to Nawal.

*An investor may not invest directly in an index such as VIEQX. In addition, emerging markets investments may expose investors to risks not typically associated with similar investments in more developed markets. The classification of a country as an "emerging market" is generally based on the relative economic, political and social development and is by necessity subjective.