Vident Financial

A systematic & rules-based investment process

Applying timeless wisdom & established principles

A distinct philosophy & rigorous global research

Our Approach

A principle-based investment approach:

  • Uncertainty and Instability: Life and markets can be unpredictable. Therefore, diversification across countries, currencies, sectors, and securities is our bedrock.

  • Leadership and governance: Countries and companies with strong management foster greater prosperity. Therefore, prudent fiscal management and ethical governance are emphasized.

  • Human Productivity: Favorable demographic environments are more resilient to economic shocks. Therefore, we focus on those countries most supportive of human flourishing.

  • Valuation: We believe starting valuations are the greatest determinant of future success. Therefore, we seek to apply our principles at favorable prices.

Click here for a printable PDF which shows how these principles are applied throughout our solutions. 

*An investor may not invest directly in an index such as VIEQX. In addition, emerging markets investments may expose investors to risks not typically associated with similar investments in more developed markets. The classification of a country as an "emerging market" is generally based on the relative economic, political and social development and is by necessity subjective.